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11 Jun

Walkera 22e Helicopter

This is my first helicopter. Prior to buying this, I spent hours and weeks on a flight simulator. I’m still not ready for a real flight. This is an incredibly affordable helicopter. I had my eye on a Venom Night Ranger 3D which is the North American version of this exact heli but it costs over twice as much. I heard that Walkera makes heli’s for a lot of other companies, including Venom Air Corps. This one probably rolls out the same factories. I realize that the Night Ranger 3D has better manuals, servos and electronics but they both crash the same hehe. I paid a measily $140CDN. This includes the heli, battery, transmitter, training kit, extra blades and shipping from China. It came much sooner than I thought. I have yet to fly it. I’m still praticing on a simulator. I picked up a used copy of RealFlight G2 on eBay and also use FMS. I use both of them with the 22e transmitter via a parallel cable I made.

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2 Responses to “Walkera 22e Helicopter”

  1. 1
    Vincent St-Amand Says:

    Where do you buy this helicopter???

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    I got it from eBay

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