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09 Nov

VMware ESXi

I do a lot of VM stuff at work.   In order to learn as much as I can I need an actual server at home to play with.  I can’t afford a heavy duty server so I put one together with some parts I had lying around.  I also bought some new hardware.

Here is what I used and costs:

Asus P5QL Pro ($100)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz ($200)
8GB RAM (4x2GB) OCZ ($20/2GB)
LSI MegaRAID 150-D SATA controller (already had)
2x 1Gb Intel 1000 Pro NICs (already had)
4x160GB SATA drives in Raid5 (already had)
256MB PCIe video card ($30)
SATA DVDRW (already had)
1GB Patriot USB thumb drive (to hold ESXi) (already had)
Case (already had)

As you can see, it doesn’t cost whole lot to make a decently spec’d ESXi server.  I spent around $500.

After I got all the parts, setting up a ESXi was a total breeze.  I downloaded ESXi from VMware for free.  Then I imaged it to the USB thumb drive.   After booting it up, I was able to add a datastore from the VMware VI client.

Things to note, the P5QL Pro’s onboard NIC and SATA do not work with ESXi.  Hence the reason for my LSI and Intel NICs.  Other than that, everything is perfect.

The OCZ RAM I bought claimed to be DDR-800 but it wouldn’t run at 800mhz.  I had to clock it down to 667mhz or else ESXi would crash.


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