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11 Oct

Esky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 Helicopter

For the 5 or so minutes I did fly the thing, before I burned out the 4in1 receiver, it was a blast.  A very good helicopter for those wanting to move to the next level from Airhogs and coaxials.

I got the 2.4ghz version and they accidently sent me a Mode 1 (throttle on right).  It comes with everything you need to get going.  Charger, extra blades, and batteries.

11 Oct

eSky Lama V4 with mods

Here’s my eSky V4 Lama coaxial helicopter modified. I didn’t like it stock at all.  After this mod, I was able to fly it outside without too much wind.

It has:

Oversized Honey Bee King canopy
Xtreme Blade grips
Xtreme skids
Xtreme tail boom
shortened flybar
fuse mod
volt meter
Yeah Racing LED system
CNC metal swash plate and rotor head

11 Oct

eSky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 Fuse Mod (Fuse holder)

I made the mistake of burning out my 4in1 for my new Honey Bee v2.  So in preparation for my new 4in1, I decided to install the fuse mod.  Most tutorials showed how you can solder a 7.5A blade connector directly to the motor.  However, I wanted to be able to replace or remove the fuse easily.

So here’s what you need:

Male/Female JST connector wires (the original motor connectors fit into the JST females perfectly)
7.5A mini blade fuse for main motor
3A mini blade fuse for tail motor
*** You can use the bigger blades too but I wanted to keep the weight down for the heli
Quick disconnectors
Shrink-wrap tubing (electrical tape would work too but not perferred)

1.  Solder the black wires of the male/female connectors together.  Use shrink-wrap to cover up the exposed solder joint.

2.  Put the 2 red wires together but don’t solder them.  I put shrink-wrap around them just to keep them together.  These will connect to the fuse with the quick disconnectors.

3.  Crimp on the quick disconnetors and plug in the blade fuse.  I covered up the quick disconnects with shrink-wrap as well so I don’t short anything.

4.  I made 2 fuse holders.  One with a 3A fuse for the tail motor, and a 7.5A holder for the main motor.

5.  Plug the male JST connector into the 4in1 of your Honey Bee.  Plug the black motor cable into the female JST connector.  NOTE: Make sure of the polarity too, red is positive, black is negative.

6.  Zip-tie both the fuse holders to a location that is out of the way of the main gears and blades.

These fuse holder will work with all Honey Bee’s and co-axial heli’s like the V3/V4 Lama (they probably use 5A or 7.5A fuses).  I’m going to make a set for the 2 main motors on the eSky Lama too.

More pictures:

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