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28 Feb

MSI Star Finder SF220 Bluetooth GPS Reciever


This BT GPS reciever lets you become location aware.  Running desktop apps like Garmin Mobile PC or MS Streets and Trips, you can find your way around town.  I paid around $50 (shipping included).

For the $$ I paid, I got quite a lot.  Included in the package was a USB car adapter (you can use this with other USB devices too), USB cable, USB AC Adapter (again you can use it with other devices), BL-5C battery.

The great thing about this device is it uses a standard common Nokia BL-5C/A cellphone battery.   If you have Nokia’s lying around like I do, you’ll most likely have one to use as a spare already.

It’s a tiny device at only 6x4x1.5cm.  Since it’s bluetooth you can probably just shove it in the glovebox.

To work with your notebook/PC.  You have to have Bluetooth capability.  Most modern notebooks will have it built-in.  If not get one of these tiny USB dongles.
Use your Bluetooth manager to find the gps reciever.   Set up is different for each bluetooth device.  I have BlueSoleil and this is how to set it up.  It’s similar with other BT dongles.
Right-click and pair with your PC.

The passkey is 0000.  (4 zeros)

Create a serial port connection.


As you can see, a serial port (COM7) has been created.  You’re almost done.

Using your favourite GPS application, mine is Garmin Mobile PC, go to the settings and “Use Bluetooth GPS”.  That’s it.

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