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11 Oct

eSky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 Fuse Mod (Fuse holder)

I made the mistake of burning out my 4in1 for my new Honey Bee v2.  So in preparation for my new 4in1, I decided to install the fuse mod.  Most tutorials showed how you can solder a 7.5A blade connector directly to the motor.  However, I wanted to be able to replace or remove the fuse easily.

So here’s what you need:

Male/Female JST connector wires (the original motor connectors fit into the JST females perfectly)
7.5A mini blade fuse for main motor
3A mini blade fuse for tail motor
*** You can use the bigger blades too but I wanted to keep the weight down for the heli
Quick disconnectors
Shrink-wrap tubing (electrical tape would work too but not perferred)

1.  Solder the black wires of the male/female connectors together.  Use shrink-wrap to cover up the exposed solder joint.

2.  Put the 2 red wires together but don’t solder them.  I put shrink-wrap around them just to keep them together.  These will connect to the fuse with the quick disconnectors.

3.  Crimp on the quick disconnetors and plug in the blade fuse.  I covered up the quick disconnects with shrink-wrap as well so I don’t short anything.

4.  I made 2 fuse holders.  One with a 3A fuse for the tail motor, and a 7.5A holder for the main motor.

5.  Plug the male JST connector into the 4in1 of your Honey Bee.  Plug the black motor cable into the female JST connector.  NOTE: Make sure of the polarity too, red is positive, black is negative.

6.  Zip-tie both the fuse holders to a location that is out of the way of the main gears and blades.

These fuse holder will work with all Honey Bee’s and co-axial heli’s like the V3/V4 Lama (they probably use 5A or 7.5A fuses).  I’m going to make a set for the 2 main motors on the eSky Lama too.

More pictures:

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