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11 Jun

Dynamite Mega 1 Quick Charger

This was the first charger I got. It’s not a fancy peak charger but I use it to charge my cheap 7.2V ni-cd packs. It’s got a 15min timer that will go into trickle mode once the timer stops. It accepts power from the AC outlet as well as DC so you can hook it [...]

11 Jun

Triton Charger

It is a computerized peak charger. I was totally in love with it when I saw it. It was a super hi-tech charger that charges pretty much ever type of battery there is. Lithium-Polymer, Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Lithium-Ion, and Lead Acid. I use an old PC power supply to power it since it only accepts DC [...]

11 Jun

Black & Decker Toolbox

I carry my RC car in a Black & Decker toolbox. It’s 22″ long and can fit a lot of stuff. It’s got removable compartments for batteries, and various other tools I like to bring with me. I got this particular box at Walmart for around $18.

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