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11 Nov

HTTP install of ESX Server 3.5 from Mac OS X Leopard

ESX Server 3.5 just wouldn’t install from my SATA DVD drive cause my motherboard doesn’t have a standard controller known to ESX.  I bypassed this by installing ESX 3.5 from a temporary web server. Luckily, a Macbook can whip up a web server in a few clicks. Just go to System Preferences – Sharing, and [...]

09 Nov

Fugu for SCP to ESXi

* Be sure to enable SSH in ESXi first. Unlike Windows, the Mac doesn’t really have a nice SCP client like WinSCP.  So we are left with the commandline or Fugu. For those afraid of the unix command line, you can also use Fugu to scp files to and from the ESXi server. Use the [...]

09 Nov

Enable SSH in ESXi

ESXi doesn’t really have a full blown service console like it’s bigger brother ESX but remants of it is still there.  If you enable SSH, you will have a limited command line to do simple things like delete VM’s or use SCP to copy VM’s to and from the server. Here’s how you enable it. [...]

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