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18 Feb

Add more buttons to your arcade stick

I added a couple more buttons to the Hori stick since the FBA-XXX emulator uses R3 button to pull up the in-game menu.  I figure I might as well add 2 more buttons for L3 and R3 to make it more complete. What you need is a 30mm hole saw and you can start making [...]

08 Feb

Upgrade Hori Wii Fighting Stick to arcade quality partsPC

I changed the artwork on my Hori stick and also upgraded the buttons to arcade Sanwa ones.  Here are some pictures of the mod. I took the time to use quick connect terminals so I can change button layouts or upgrade easier in the future.  The PCB comes from a PS1 Dual Shock and requires [...]

26 Jan

Making a Universal Arcade Stick

This HOWTO will show how to convert an arcade stick that works for only one console to work with multiple systems.  You can also take this opportunity to buy some quality arcade buttons to replace the stock ones. Material: Hori Wii Fighting Stick $50 Playstation 1 Dual Shock (Early A revision) $8 PS1 to XBOX [...]

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