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28 Oct

Change Mode on Esky ET4 2.4ghz transmitter (Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2)

I accidently got a Mode 1 transmitter with my Esky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2.    I prefer Mode 2, which is throttle on the left.  Here are some pics and a PDF on how to swap it.  No soldering involved. Change Mode on Esky ET4 PDF

11 Oct

eSky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 Fuse Mod (Fuse holder)

I made the mistake of burning out my 4in1 for my new Honey Bee v2.  So in preparation for my new 4in1, I decided to install the fuse mod.  Most tutorials showed how you can solder a 7.5A blade connector directly to the motor.  However, I wanted to be able to replace or remove the [...]

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