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11 Jun

Zhi Lun Super Hovercraft

This hovercraft looks pretty cool and is made by Zhi Lun. It’s ready to run. Just need to charge the battery. Included in the kit is a 6V 800mah battery, 27mhz transmitter, 9V battery, antenna and of course the hovercraft. It’s different from the Megastorm in that it uses a single thruster with rudders to steer. It’s a bit under powered working at 6V but because it’s smaller it is about the same speed. It does not work on carpet. The skirt is not slippery and grips too much. It works fine on the kitchen floor. The centrifugal lift fan seems puny and needs to be upgraded. The rudder control is either full left or full right. It’s not proportional. For around $30US (including shipping) on eBay, it’s not a bad HC to hack. I’ll see what I can do to it. From what I see so far, it needs a better thruster motor/propeller, lift moter/fan, and skirt.

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