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11 Jun

Walkera 22e Parallel cable

This cable in conjuction with PPJOY, will let you use your 22e transmitter with pretty much every game in Windows. I use it with FMS and RealFlight G2.

You’ll need a DB25 hood, DB25 connector, 1W 10,000 ohm resister, BC548 transister, and a s-video cable.

Find out which wire on the s-video cable goes to which pin. Use a continuity tester.

1. Solder the 10K resistor from pin 10 to pin 16.
2. Solder the transistor from pin 10 to pin 18.
3. Solder the signal wire on the s-video connector to the center leg of the transistor
4. Solder the gound wire to pin 18.

Marvel at my bad solder job. It should look something like this.

Put on the hood.

Finished product.

Install PPJoy and add a new controller.

Edit the mappings for controller. I use just 4 axis with no buttons or POV’s (the TX doesn’t have any).

I also set the mappings for the axes.

This step is vital. You might have to assign an IRQ or enable EPP in the BIOS as well.

Remember to calibrate your controller in the Game Controller panel.

Here are my FMS mapping.

Setup for RealFlight G2.

Setup for RealFlight G2.

Setup for RealFlight G2.

Setup for RealFlight G2.

Since PPJoy installs the controller as a regular gaming device it should work with every game in Windows. I prefer this cable to the mono cable. Have fun.

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