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11 Jun

Walkera 22e Mono cable

Walkera 22e Mono cable

This is the simpliest cable you can make for your Walkera 22e TX to interface with your PC. It’s also the least expensive. It costs me 50 cents to make this.

On my notebook, this cable didn’t work too well since it was always very “jumpy”. Too much interference. However, on my desktop PC, it was fine. I prefer to use the parallel cable I made instead.

You need an S-Video cable, and a mono 3.5mm headphone jack. It has to be mono and not stereo.

Get yourself a continuity tester and find out which wire goes with what pin on the s-video plug. My multimeter has one built in, so when you touch one end of the wire with the pin, it beeps telling you complete a circuit.

It really doesn’t matter whether you solder the signal wire to the center and ground to the outside or vice versa. Just solder either one of them to the mono plug. Your axes are just reversed I think.

Put on the plug cover.

Completed jack.

Plug it into your computers mic-in jack. (Line-in works too for some)

Download SmartPropoPlus and put the winmm.dll file into the FMS directory.

Check your soundcard mixer settings. I maxed out the recording volume. Yours may differ so play around with your recording volume settings.

Click the Advanced controls and uncheck “mic boost”. I didn’t need it. But again since there are so many different soundcards, you may need it enabled.

Mute the output volume of your mic so you don’t hear the interference.

Run FMS and check that Smartpropoplus is installed properly. Controls -Analog Control… – Resources

Calibrate your TX with the following these mappings. If your channels are jittery and jumping up and down, adjust the input mic volume of your soundcard. No matter what I did, my laptops soundcard was always jumpy. My desktop’s was fine though.

If it still doesn’t work, open up a sound recorder and see if it’s picking up anything.

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