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12 Jun

Radio Shack Xmod Nissan Skyline GTR

These were on sale at my local The Source (in Canada, Radio Shack is known as this). I picked the GTR along with the AWD kit and drift tires. Was it worth the $50? Sort of. They’re not as fast I thought they would be but they are kinda fun to bash around in the house. They’re like the affordable version of the Kyosho Mini-Z’s. The Xmods are highly upgradable. You can buy lots of different parts to customize it. When taking it apart I notice how similar it was to my Tamiya TT-01 NSX. The parts were just smaller. The car runs on 4 AAA’s, so it is highly recommended to get rechargable Ni-MH’s. The reciever runs on a standard 9V battery. They’re a bit too low because there are bumps in my carpet and sometimes it gets caught. With the AWD and drift tires (basically hard plastic) it drifts on carpet very well. They are fun to play with in the house but I wouldn’t put too much money into them. Once you start spending more than $100 on it, you might as well get something bigger and faster. Here are photos. I was bashing it around the house and it collected a lot of dust. My camera is rather good at picking up details since you can see how much dust is on it. To the naked eye, I see none.

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