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11 Jun

R4 Chinese -> English

(Aug 6, 2007)

Initial batches of R4′s could be language swapped by soldering but if you buy the current R4′s, you can’t use firmware from different languages. So in order to counter this you have to patch the _DS_MENU.DAT. This file contains the text for the menu and dialog boxes.

I bought a Chinese R4 ’cause it was cheaper. The Chinese and English R4′s are the same except for colour. Chinese=white and English=black. (some new batches of English R4′s are white though) And of course the language. Other than that, they are identitcal.

Tested on the latest English firmware, 1.18 (may NOT work on new versions)

  1. Download the latest English firmware from
  2. Download the latest language patcher (right-click, choose “save as”)
  3. Extract firmware files and put the _DS_MENU.DAT file in the same directory as patch.exe and info.db
  4. Run patch.exe
  5. Detect info/settings?   Y
  6. Type in name of dat file, _DS_MENU.DAT
  7. It’ll ask you if you want to run it on M3 hardware, type N
  8. It’ll ask you if you want to run it on Chinese or Japanese hardware, type 1
  9. Copy the patched _DS_MENU.DAT to the root of your microSD with the other firmware files.
  10. Done. Enjoy your new English R4 Revolution DS for the Nintendo DS Lite.

r4 language patch

r4 patch image

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