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11 Jun

PSU for DC Charger

I converted this PC power supply to power my Triton. It’s really solidly built and has a lot of weight to it. It’s not like your typical cheapy PSU. It has 2 fans, one that blows in and another the exhausts so it stays cool.

I assume you know how to solder and have some knowledge of electronics. If you don’t, please stop right here and run to Radio Shack and pay $100 for one.

Here are some the items you need to convert your PSU (power supply unit) to power a DC battery charger for RC stuff. You don’t need a lot of stuff to do the conversion. All I bought was the binding posts. I have one that is red (for +12V) and the other is black (for ground/negative)

1. Find a PC power supply that can output at least 10A on the 12V. This is the one that is the most crucial. The side of the PSU should tell you the ratings. As you can see for mine, the 12V outputs 16A, which is plenty.

2. Cut off all the connectors on the power supply. Bundle all the wires of the same colour together.

3. The colours that matter are yellow (+12V), black (ground/negative), Green (Power-ON/PS-ON), Red (+5V), and Grey (PG/Power Good).

There should be lots of black/yellow/red/orange wires. There will probably be only 1 grey and 1 green wire. Your colour code might be slightly different, however, on my PSU circuit board it tells you what they are anyway.

4. Solder 3 black (ground) wires to the black binding post.

5. Solder 3 yellow (+12V) wires to the red binding post.

6. Solder the PG/Power Good wire (usually grey) to a +5V wire (usually red).

7. Solder the PS-ON/Power On wire (usually green) to a ground/negative wire (black).

That should do it. Using this method, I never had to put a load on the +5V lines with either a resistor or light bulb.

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