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11 Jun

Play Yan Video Maker

******* Development of PYVM has ended. I got myself a Nintendo DS Lite and have retired my GBASP and Play Yan. With the DS Lite/Supercard and Moonshell, I can view videos and mp3′s just like the PY. I use an application called BatchDPG or EZBuilder that converts the video to DPG format (MPEG1 video+MP2 audio). I also got rid of my PC and bought a Mac hehe. So unfortunately, I won’t be developing this application anymore. Everyone should get a DS Lite!! It’s awesome, tons of homebrew applications for it and the community is growing. Maybe I’ll write some Mac apps for the DSL one day… you never know. *******

PYVM (Play Video Maker) started off as just a simple program to calculate the proper dimensions for FFMPEG so it doesn’t look squished or stretch. It now has the ability to convert with FFMPEG. Development is slow since I have a life. However it is very usable right now.


Download 0.61

Change Log (0.61)
  • Fixed save settings bug
  • Added Browse for file capability
  • Removed batch file creation function (will implement it in future release)
  • Ability to save settings.
  • Added converting function via FFMPEG!!!
  • Added more bugs (I'm sure there are bugs! hehe)

The first thing you need to do is get all the codecs installed on your computer. Go to to get them. My favourite and lazy thing to do is download the K-Lite Code pack that includes every codec under the sun to help you convert and view videos.

Download the latest version of PYVM (Play Yan Video Maker).

Next you need to find out the dimensions of the video you're going to convert. PYVM isn't smart enough yet to figure out the dimensions of the video for you so you have to plug that in.. You can use GSpot or use some video player that gives you this information.

GSpot will show you the resolution of the video.

So will Media Player. Take your pick.

Fire up PYVM and locate FFMPEG.EXE. (it's included with PYVM)

I had mine in the root of c:

Click the browse button

Look for the video you want to convert.

Click the browse button again

Tell PYVM where you want to save the resulting MP4 file.

Remember when you found out about the resolution? Plug that data in here.

Choose a resolution for the GBA. The default 240×160 works fine since that is the Gameboy Advance's native resolution.

Click the "Convert" button and it should pop up a DOS window that begins to convert the video into MP4 format. If nothing happens, either the video is incompatible or something wrong.

How to install PYVM

1. Download latest version of PYVM.
2. Download FFMPEG
3. Unzip both of them into the SAME directory. (e.g. c:\pyvm)
4. Run pyvm.exe

If PYVM complains about missing DLLs, OCXs, download the VB6 runtimes from Microsoft.

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