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09 Jul

Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Gun


Nintendo was too chicken to make a gun attachment that looked like a real gun so they left the door open for Nyko to do it.  Another quality product from Nyko.  For some reason, I always end up buying their stuff.  Every single time I’m never disappointed.  iCon and Madcatz should take a cue from Nyko.

The wiimote fits nicely into the top of the gun and a orange thingy holds it in place so it doesn’t fly off in those heated moments of House of the Dead or Resident Evil.  The nunchuk plugs into the base of the gun.  Sometimes I hookup both my Perfect Shots and go John Woo on everyone in the game.

For games like Ghost Squad I prefer the Wii Zapper though.  I can aim better and steadier with both hands on the thing.  For most other games, the PS is best.

I picked this badboy up for $14.99 so it’s not that expensive.  Get one of these to go along with your Wii Zapper or just on it’s own.  A must buy for shooting game fanatics.

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