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22 Jul

NTFS Link Shell Extension

Sometimes I need to convert gigs and gigs of video for my DS/iPod/Play Yan. However, you have to “copy” or “move” the video into the “MediaFile” folder which takes time and lots of extra HD space. By using “Hardlinks”, you don’t have to copy/move them there at all. You just make a symbolic link to the file. Not a shortcut but a link so that programs will think it’s actually in that directory when it’s not. NTFS supports this and is very useful.

In order to make this happen, you need to download and install the NTFS Link Shell extension.

Right-click on a media file you want to link to and chose “Pick Link Source”

Go to the ../ezbuilder/MediaFile folder and “Drop HardLink”

Now you’ll see that the files show up in the folder just as if they were copied/moved in that directory. But really it’s not, it’s just a link to the source.

Run EZbuilder as usual and it will convert it without problems. After you’re done, delete the “hardlinks” in the MediaFile directory, the originals will remain.

So that is how you save time from copying/moving files to the MediaFile folder as well as space. Sometimes you don’t have enough HD space.

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