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24 Jul

MVPD Converting with EZBuilder

EZBuilder is a very powerful conversion tool used to convert videos. It can convert videos for the iPod, PSP, DS and Play Yan.

The following tutorial shows how to convert to MVPD files. For those that don’t know. MVPD can only be played on 1st generation iPod Nano’s that have Linux installed. If I have time I’ll write on how to do that. But until then, read about it at

Software needed:

KLite Mega Codec Pack

  • Download English version of EZBuilder.
  • You need codecs, I usually use the Klite Mega codec packs from
    • This has every codec under the sun, DIVX, Xvid, RM, QT, etc
  • Download and install AVISynth. I’m using 2.5.7
  • Unzip EZBuilder to a directory ( to download decompresser)
  • From the iPod_nano_MVPD_profile_20070720.rar file:
    • copy “mv_encoder.exe,” “mpvd_builder.exe,” & “cygwin1.dll” to “..\ezbuilder\tool” folder.
    • copy the folder “iPod nano MVPD” to “..\ezbuilder\profile\tool” folder.
  • Copy the videos you want to convert into the MediaFile folder
  • For SRT subtitles, put them them in MediaFile folder with the same name as the movie. ex. with shrek.avi
  • For SSA/ASS/IDX/SUB subtitles, put them in Subtitle folder
  • Run ezbuilder.exe
  • Choose [1] iPOD NANO MVPD
  • Wait, encoding times varies with your CPU, I have core2duo 1.8Ghz and it converts pretty fast.
  • When your file is converted, it should show up in the DoneFile directory
  • Copy the WHATEVER.MVPD file in the DoneFile directory to your iPod Nano
  • Launch mvplayer from Linux and watch


1. Try not to have funky characters or spaces in your file name

2. Use the NTFS Link Shell extension

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