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11 Jun


The purpose of kChat is to allow simple messaging between people over LAN and the Internet.Features:
Multi-user chatroom
Works over LAN and Internet
Very small

Why use kChat?
So why use it if there’s MSN, AIM, IRC etc? Some offices/schools don’t let you install MSN/AIM/ICQ onto their computers. And some downright block those protocols. With kChat, you can bypass this by using a different port address. It’s small enough to attach to your email too. It offers simple encryption just incase your company monitors the traffic through the network. kChat scrambles the text so it’s unreadable by snoopers.

I wrote kChat for fun but I was also looking for a very simple easy to use chat program with basic features.

Download kChat 0.71 Unzip and run the EXE. If it complains about missing files (DLLs, OCXs) install the VB6 Run-times from Microsoft.

** Use this program at your risk, kChat has been tested on Windows 2000/XP. It even works in Linux under WINE.

Hosting a Chat session:


1. You must enter a nickname that identifies you in the chatroom.

2. Type in a port number, the default 9898 should work for most people.

3. Click the "Host" option, then "Host" button to start the chatroom. People in your local network can connect to the chatroom by entering your IP.

**Note if you're planning to host a chat over the Internet and you're behind a firewall, you need to know your public IP (which is different from your local IP) local IPs usually start with 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x. Go to to look up your public IP. If you're behind a firewall (router, firewall software) you must configure the firewall to allow traffic through that port. People won't be able to connect to you, if you don't do this.

Joining a Chat session:


1. Enter a nickname

2. Click the "Join" option.

3. Enter the IP and port of the computer that is hosting the chat.

4. Click the "Join" button.

5. If all is well, you should get a welcome message.

6. Start chatting!

**Note: If you can't connect, make sure you entered in the right IP and port number. Also make sure the person hosting the chat has setup their firewall correctly. If they are behind one, they have to consult their manual on how to open ports and such. This is beyond the scope of this Website.


The options in kChat are pretty self-explanatory. However, here are some expanations for options I think that might be unclear.

Changing Your Nickname

You can change your nickname by using the File menu and choosing "Change nickname"


There are options to clear and view the log files. Log files are saved onto c:\. They are kchat-client.log and kchat-host.log.

Encryption Levels

Think of them as "channels". Everyone must be using the SAME level/channel or else you can't read each other's messages. kChat, by default, encrypts all data before it is sent. The clients' then decrypt the messages when they receive them. They will appear garbled. Default is "1" which is good enough for prying eyes . The higher the level the more CPU will be required to encrypt and decrypt the messages. However, with today's computers, it is hardly noticeable. "0" will send messages unencrypted.

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