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08 Sep

Replace stock shifter boot on Toyota Yaris Hatchback

How to replace stock shifter boot

You’ll need:

Shifter boot (about 9″ in length)
zip tie
sharp knife

1. Twist off the stock knob

2. Remove the retention ring at the base of the shifter

3. Remove the stock ugly rubber boot

4. Put retention ring inside the new shifter boot

5. Cut slits to allow the tabs to come through (about 1 inch from the base)

6. I replaced the draw string with a zip tie for a tighter fit and cleaner look

7. Put shifter boot on

8. Stretch the leather on the boot by pushing down and at the same time, clip in the tabs

9. Start putting back your shifter knob

10. Tighten up the zip tie

11. Cut off the excess

12. All done!

More pics here:…yaris-resized/

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