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12 Jun

Flytech Dragonfly

Wowwee Flytech Dragonfly

From WowWee, the company that brought us the Robosapien, the Flytech Dragonfly takes the skies. It flaps its wings like a real dragonfly but not as fast of course. It looks more like a bird. It terrifies my little cousin but amuses me.

Included in box:

  • Flytech Dragonfly
  • Transmitter (27mhz or 49mhz)
  • Antenna for transmitter
  • Spare set of wings
  • Spare propeller
  • Tail ribbon
  • Manual

It’s made of foam. And rightly so, this thing has to be light. One might think it is cheap and easily broken but I’ve crashed it many times and only had a nick on the paint job. The wings are thin, clear, cellophane like plastic from a bag but it is very strong. It won’t tear. There is a spare in case too.

The transmitter takes 6AA batteries to power itself and also charge the dragonfly.

My maiden flight ended up with it diving to ground. I didn’t bother to read the manual of course ;) Then I realized that I needed to add the tail ribbon to give it some weight on the back so it wouldn’t dive so much. After that, it flew much better. I have yet to take it out side but I’m sure it would fly better in less confined spaces. It’s flapping wings reminds me more of a bird than a dragonfly.

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