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09 Nov

Enable SSH in ESXi

ESXi doesn’t really have a full blown service console like it’s bigger brother ESX but remants of it is still there.  If you enable SSH, you will have a limited command line to do simple things like delete VM’s or use SCP to copy VM’s to and from the server.

Here’s how you enable it.

  1. Press ALT+F1
  2. Type “unsupported”
    Hit “Enter”
  3. Log in
  4. Edit the inetd.conf file by typing, “vi /etc/inetd.conf”
    Press “/” key
    Type in “ssh
    Move cursor over to #
    Press “x
    Press “Shift+:
    Type “wq
  5. Find “inetd” service #
    Type “ps | grep inetd
    Type “kill -HUP ####
  6. Done!

Now you can log in via SSH with your favourite client.  In my case I use Terminal on a Mac with the following command:

ssh root@

With SSH enabled you can have limited access to the service console.  You can’t really install anything like the full blown ESX but it’s still very useful for SCP.

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