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11 Jun

Dynamite Mega 1 Quick Charger

This was the first charger I got. It’s not a fancy peak charger but I use it to charge my cheap 7.2V ni-cd packs. It’s got a 15min timer that will go into trickle mode once the timer stops. It accepts power from the AC outlet as well as DC so you can hook it up to your car battery. You have to be very careful about charging batteries with this thing since it doesn’t have any smarts, it will keep charging no matter how full the battery is. You can hook up a voltmeter to monitor the voltage. There is slight drop in voltage once a battery pack is full. This charger will charge at 4.0Ah (4000mah) when you set the timer. Once the timer stops it goes into trickle mode and charges at 100mah. Knowing this, this charger does a good job at “form charging” batteries. When I got a new battery that was 1500mah, I plugged it up and had it trickle for 15-20 hours. Instructions:

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