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28 Oct

CopterX 450SE V2 Carbon Fibre helicopter kit

I picked up this helicopter on ebay for about $90 shipped.  If you search for “copterx 450 v2 carbon kit” you’ll find it. This particular CopterX 450 helicopter is an exact clone of the Align T-Rex 450 SE V2.  It comes in a “ready to fly” kit with transmitter or build it yourself form.  Both of which either comes in CF (carbon fibre), AE (aluminum edition), and a ME version that has more plastic.  I’ll have another post when I get this built.


* V2 Head Rotor Set (4mm Shaft)
* V2 Tail Rotor Set
* Auto-Rotation System
* Rear Tail Servo Mount
* Collective Pitch System
* Tail Rotor Drive Belt System
* Main Drive Gear with Cooling Fan
* Professional Servo Control Lever Design


* Length:650mm
* Height:230mm
* Main Rotor:700mm
* Tail Rotor:150mm
* Motor Gear:13T/11T
* Main Gear:150T
* Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:106T
* Tail Drive Gear:25T
* Drive Gear Ratio:1:11.5:4.24/1:13.6:4.24
* Weight(without power system):354g
* Weight(including power system):690g

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