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11 Jun


The purpose of kChat is to allow simple messaging between people over LAN and the Internet.Features: Multi-user chatroom Encryption Works over LAN and Internet Very small Why use kChat? So why use it if there’s MSN, AIM, IRC etc? Some offices/schools don’t let you install MSN/AIM/ICQ onto their computers. And some downright block those protocols. [...]

11 Jun

Play Yan Video Maker

******* Development of PYVM has ended. I got myself a Nintendo DS Lite and have retired my GBASP and Play Yan. With the DS Lite/Supercard and Moonshell, I can view videos and mp3′s just like the PY. I use an application called BatchDPG or EZBuilder that converts the video to DPG format (MPEG1 video+MP2 audio). [...]

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