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07 Jul

Wireless Soundbird Microphone

If you’re a closet karaoke fanatic like myself.  A wireless microphone would be a nice addition to let you sing like a star. For around $30 + shipping, you get 2 microphones (red, green), 2 receivers (different channels), USB adapter, and 2 long mic cables.  The antenna’s on the microphones are removable too if you [...]

07 Jul

Nyko PS3 Charge Base 2

Nyko has always made quality 3rd party accessories. I’m very comfortable buying their stuff. From their awesome Wii sensor bar, PS3 guitar to this charging cradle. I like a place for everything and everything should be in it’s place. My PS3 controllers use to be all over the place not having a place of its [...]

19 Jun

Wheel Stand Pro

The Wheel Stand Pro is a wheel mount for steering wheels. Specificially, it’s major advantage is it’s ability to fold away when done. The wheelstandpro is a godsend for me. Back in the day when I use to play race sims on my PC with a 14″ CRT, I would attach my wheel on my [...]

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