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18 Jun

Dingoo A320 Portable gaming device

The A320 is the latest portable gadget added to my collection.   It comes in Black or White with 4GB built in.   It uses miniSD cards.  These can be costly but thanks to adapters, you can use common microSD cards.  Not going to bore you with more specs since you’ll probably read it elsewhere. Out of [...]

28 Feb

MSI Star Finder SF220 Bluetooth GPS Reciever

This BT GPS reciever lets you become location aware.  Running desktop apps like Garmin Mobile PC or MS Streets and Trips, you can find your way around town.  I paid around $50 (shipping included). For the $$ I paid, I got quite a lot.  Included in the package was a USB car adapter (you can [...]

14 Jan

Griffin Clarifi iPhone Case

This case is my favourite case for the iPhone 3G.  As a case it does it’s job of protecting the phone. It’s a very decent case, but I’m not going to focus on that (pardon the pun). It’s got one very useful feature, a macro lens.  This lens lets you slide it on/off the iPhone [...]

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