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24 Aug

C2 Tech 3in1 Travelling Kit for Acer Aspire One

Originally made for the PS2 slim, I picked this kit up for $7 at my local supermarket. It was a perfect fit for my Acer Aspire One netbook. The case protects the Aspire from all sides and zips up all around the unit. For the price, it isn’t bad!

28 Jul

SportRack (A1152) 3x Bike Carrier Rack Trunk Mount

SportRack Euro Trio Bike Rack After I got a car I stopped biking. So it’s been about 10 years since I last rode a bike. In my younger days, I use to bike to school/work/for fun/etc. I recently had an itching to start biking again however, I’m no longer a young whipper snapper and don’t [...]

09 Jul

Nyko Perfect Shot Wii Gun

Nintendo was too chicken to make a gun attachment that looked like a real gun so they left the door open for Nyko to do it.  Another quality product from Nyko.  For some reason, I always end up buying their stuff.  Every single time I’m never disappointed.  iCon and Madcatz should take a cue from [...]

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