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11 Jun

Solderless PSU DC Charger

How to convert a PSU for your DC charger without soldering PSU (Power Supply Unit) PC PSU and Great Planes Triton DC Charger. I cut off the clamps and attached some banana plugs that connect to the binding posts of the PC PSU. You don’t really need a solder iron to convert an old ATX [...]

11 Jun

Walkera 22e Parallel cable

This cable in conjuction with PPJOY, will let you use your 22e transmitter with pretty much every game in Windows. I use it with FMS and RealFlight G2. You’ll need a DB25 hood, DB25 connector, 1W 10,000 ohm resister, BC548 transister, and a s-video cable. Find out which wire on the s-video cable goes to [...]

11 Jun

Walkera 22e Mono cable

Walkera 22e Mono cable This is the simpliest cable you can make for your Walkera 22e TX to interface with your PC. It’s also the least expensive. It costs me 50 cents to make this. On my notebook, this cable didn’t work too well since it was always very “jumpy”. Too much interference. However, on [...]

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