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11 Oct

eSky Honey Bee Fixed Pitch V2 Fuse Mod (Fuse holder)

I made the mistake of burning out my 4in1 for my new Honey Bee v2.  So in preparation for my new 4in1, I decided to install the fuse mod.  Most tutorials showed how you can solder a 7.5A blade connector directly to the motor.  However, I wanted to be able to replace or remove the [...]

11 Jun

Drift Tires

Here’s what you’ll need to make some drift tires: ABS 2″ tubing hacksaw mitre box ruler angle bracket C-clamp Hand clamp You don’t need all this stuff, all you really need is the ABS tubes and hacksaw. The other stuff just makes your job easier. Most of this stuff can be bought at your local [...]

11 Jun

PSU for DC Charger

I converted this PC power supply to power my Triton. It’s really solidly built and has a lot of weight to it. It’s not like your typical cheapy PSU. It has 2 fans, one that blows in and another the exhausts so it stays cool. I assume you know how to solder and have some [...]

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