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12 Jun

AK Rocker 100 Chair

I’m a racing fan and when I first saw this chair I said I had to have it. I didn’t know it at the time but this would be the catalyst that would start the journey for a full racing setup. Eventually I would get a PS3, LCD TV, and Logitech G25 steering wheel.

For the sweet price of $79US, one can be had at Circuit City. I drove down to Washington one Friday night just to pick up the chair. It was worth the trip. I loaded the chair onto my tiny hatchback. It fit perfectly.

There are basically 3 pieces, as I recall, to assemble. It’s super easy. You slip on the cover and you’re done. There are skins you can buy for the chair, I ordered a blue one for myself when I get bored of the red or when it’s getting washed. It’s made of molded plastic and since I’m not too heavy, I assume it should last me a while.

It’s a very comfortable chair to sit in. I can recline back or tilt forward. It compliments my racing setup at home very well. I sit in it to watch movies, play video games, or type on my macbook. Everyone who has used the chair says it’s comfortable. I’ve taken naps in it too. It’s that comfy.

This chair is coined “toe crusher” or “finger smasher” in my house since it will do just that! Don’t put your toes or fingers anywhere near the rocker, cause if you rock over them, it hurts big time. More if you weight a ton.

The AK Rocker 100 is the 21st century’s version of Grandma’s rocking chair. I would be proud to rock in this when I’m old and gray.

AK Rocker 100 chair

AK Rocker 100 chair

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One Response to “AK Rocker 100 Chair”

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    James Says:

    Thanks.It’s a big coincidence that I bought this chair and have a g25 that I use on my ps3. Can you please post some pictures of your racing setup. Thanks

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